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I visited Rebecca some time ago and would conclude to an average service, quite ok but with lacks...

She is romanian, has blue eyes, height something like 1.65, blond hairs or light chestnut and natural breast C cup i think. She was supposed to leave the club at the beginning of the year but is still present. Rebecca is more or less 24 years old and has often pink clothes inside the club. I had very good social time with her first time i met her, we discussed on natural way while she was sitting on a chair eating something and i joined her because i felt we could talk at that precise moment.

Unfortunately she didn't provide real FK just kiss sometimes not much and barely with the tongue.  :king: Foreplays are possible but not really developped, she took too much time for masturbating my dick while i wanted a wider diversity of foreplays which are very important for me... slowly she started however to "enter into the game" and i could caress her, i haven't tried to lick her pussy so can't say if she accepts it or not. The blowjob was everything but deep and not really of good quality, a bit disappointing even, she doesn't seem to be very skilfull in this exercise.

second bad thing she refused doggy position because of "dick size"  ::) so i didn't insist and came on her for a missionnary quite pleasant where she participated enough and fell her very well. In cow girl it was strange but positive: during some she acted more as a robot, automatically, and during other time she suddenly let her going in the process, enjoyed, moaned and stayed very closed to me hugging each other creating finally an exchange  :)) :))

To conclude i would say i am mitigated, there are good points but also real lacks (no real FK, blowjob under the average, no doggy...) so i am not sure to repeat with her. There is better in that club and elsewhere...

Rebecca was de eerste van de dag. Een leuke meid met vriendelijke uitstraling. Een lief snoetje en een mooie c-cup.
Het intakegesprek verliep voorspoedig, waarbij ze aangaf het ‘normale’ repertoire in haar pretpakket te hebben zitten. Schlüssel dan maar…

Het was een fkk-dag, Rebecca hoefde dus niet meer uit haar bikinisetje of zo te stappen. Net zoals alle H7-meiden ging ze zich nog even opfrissen terwijl ik alvast even op het bed wachtte. Na een paar minuten was ze terug en kon het spel beginnen.

Rebecca maakte waar wat ze toegezegd had. Tongzoenen, (laten) beffen, teasen, pijpen… het was allemaal van degelijke (in dit geval) Roemeense kwaliteit. Van mijn kant uit was het een bijzonder plezier met haar prima geslaagde best grote (natuurlijke) tieten te spelen en ook haar beffen was verre van verkeerd.

Ik vond haar erg goed in teasen: ze speelde leuk met mijn tepels, en ook de manier waarop ze met mijn ballen omging was hemels. Op een bepaald moment gebruikte ze wat olie om mijn perineum in te smeren. E.e.a. leidde uiteraard tot enige (beperkte) anale verwenning. Ik heb haar laten doen wat ze spontaan deed, maar voor wie hier van houdt: ik denk dat ze op dat pad wel een eind wil meegaan. Ze kon het alleszins hebben dat ik ook even manueel op verkenning ging.

Uiteindelijk heb ik haar terwijl we allebei stonden en zij met haar handen op het bed leunde in doggy genomen. Voor een keer een leuk standje waar ze gewillig in mee ging.

Conclusie: het leukere buurmeisje met erg mooie volle tieten en een leuk kontje. Meer hoeft dat niet te zijn…

Rebecca works for some time already in PHG.

Rebecca, 25 y.old, Romanian girl
Blond hair, blue eyes.
Ex 'Rebecca', Heaven7

I've met Rebecca in PHG on 8 December.
There's maybe on or two years I didn't meet her (she was working before at Heaven7), and she recognized me immediately, I remember a very nice feeling with her.

This 25 y.old roumanian blond girl (blue eyes), with cup-C natural breast is very kind.
In sofa, we talked a lot, even if I don't promise to go with her, she stays and lies on me for a pretty talk.
But this view (specially her body with her big boobs) will make a big effect on me, so I decided to go further, as she promised something more « special » (or « private ») this time, let's see.

Once in room, we mades some hugs each other, and we started immediately with a sensual 69, excellent. Later, we started missionary while she seems abandon herself : she was fingering her pussy consistently !
We alternate various positions,

Almost after 30 minutes, she told me that 45min. Session was possible, but I was finishing, but it's good to know.
Despite no deep kisses (only small smacks), excellent feeling, and nice memories !

Later in the day, we shared again, some moments at the bar (I gave her a massage in her back), and talking friendly, too.

I've met Rebeka on 23 Feb. 2017...
Notice that she spelled her name as R-E-B-E-K-A.

After a nice talk and hugs in sofa, it should be my 4rd meeting with her, so far. She seems to know my taste, nowadays.

Once in room, she showed me her new piercing (at the belly, asking to take care, because it's still new.
After some hugs, she started a nice blowjob, later a 69-position (very nice view indeed).

Unfortunately, she doesn't kiss. I just received a small tongue contact.
She used some gel in her pussy before multi positions.

Still nice feeling, she's my taste, definitely...  :tietjes


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