Nylon café. OLIVIA


On way to airport , You need sometimes to drink a little thing.
My favorite stop is in Frechen in Nylon café , it is very easy to find, to park and you do not loose time because close to highway.
Other good thing, your cappuccino ( or other soft, no beer) is free and you are in comfortable sofa to choose or speak with sex partner candidate.
I knew by internet that Alina was not working anymore so I thought to catch beautiful Celine.
Like every time , she had a booking so not available. It is better to have "rendez vous" to be sure to get what you want but I never make that.
I prefer get opportunity and when I saw Olivia , I thought I could choose her but she was busy too.
I just speak with her because I had time but there came to tell her that" termine " was kaput, client blocked in traffic of Koln.
So, I proposed her 45 minutes ( I am not so good as before) in room with my special extra : anal.
She was delighted not loose her time and I was happy to catch her. Physically, she is my type, skinny, long legs, brunette, kiss well, Owc and strong hability to take in ass.
She was nice substitue and I was too.

Cost 105 + 50 extra, very good alternative from FKK if you want fuck only one time and do not drink alcool. The same service costs me 210 € in FKK.
Recommended for traveler, presence of more older girl for Milfs lover.


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