Cat Exclusiv, near Köln

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I read reports about this club on Rheinforum and I wanted to try a new one, I already know Nyloncafe, Teenyland and Traumparadise

I decided to visit it yesterday in the evening, I knew that it was open on Saturday until midnight, so it could be a good idea to go there before I went home  :-P

I arrived around 9 pm, it was not easy to park my car because I think that there is no private parking, so I had to go in the streets around but it was busy everywhere around ! So I had to walk 5 minutes in order to reach my final destination, the door is in front of the road, no big signs, so do not forget to take the exact number of the street

The theke welcomed me and we went upstairs where I could sit down between the floors, it is a building of 2 floors,  she explained to me everything with a very good English, then the girls went down and introduced themselves very briefly (name, age and service), yesterday on a Saturday evening after 9 pm, there were only 3 girls

I decided to go with Vicky from Poland, the theke even told that I could change if I did not feel good with the girl before the first 10 minutes in the room, they seem very dedicated to please the client as much as they can

We headed towards a room upstairs and i waited until Vicky showed up, she asked me how long I would like to stay with her in the room and she showed me then the shower, I took half an hour for 80 euros

In the room, she immediately kissed me deeply when she closed the door, then in the bed she started a very good and long blowjob, then very good sex, i had very good sensations, her boobs are fake but they are very well done, i asked her for finish in mouth and it is only 20 euros, i grabbed this good opportunity  :))
Vicky was really friendly and asked me in the end if i would like a massage, nice offering

I took another shower and left, thekefrau hoped to see me soon again  :mistress :))


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