Teenyland, Köln


I visited this club a couple of times 5 or 6 years ago and service of the girls was really average (no French kisses and short blowjob for instance but it was not significant enough because I tried 2 girls only)
So I decided to try again on last Thursday

I arrived around 3 pm and a blond girl opened me the door, I headed to the room on the left and girls arrived, for the ones I remember : Lucie, Sophia, Maya, Jenna and 3 or 4 others but I do not remember the names

I chose Lucie for 45 minutes, 100 euros, 2 shots possible at this price
I took a shower and we were back in the room, we talked a little bit at the beginning and then she started with a handjob, she took a condom  :o , I asked her immediately to blow without ! she did not seem very enthusiastic but finally decided to do it : Halleluiah  8) ! I do not know if it was about chemistry but she really did not like the blowjob (it reminded me very much this very bad experience I had with Arabella in Dolce Vita, one of my worst experience with a girl in a saunaclub, laufhaus service level, so far)

So we did not insist so much with the blowjob, and it was much better to go for sex but I was not excited enough and quickly lost my erection on missio, no kisses and so distant, I felt really uncomfortable, what an awful room ! long time it did not happen to me with a girl  :banghead:
She finished me with a handjob, the only thing she seems to do correctly, so far  O0

I hope that it is only with me that did not match very well otherwise she really should change of activity or work in a laufhaus where she could blow with condom and no kiss if it is her choice regarding the service  :17:

So when I left the house, I told the theke that it was my worst room I ever had recently, Teenyland would remain for me a very bad choice, am I so unlucky here ? because in all the other clubs such as Nyloncafe, Traumparadise and even Cat-Exclusiv, service was very good, even excellent, but here I visited 3 times and it was below average for the 2 first times and a disaster for this last one, for 100 euros I expected a far much better service rather than this very bad trip  :pica

Visit to forget ASAP  8)


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