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My last visit was before the new law, see report below, but as we used to say : Never say never  :celebrate:
I decided to go back here yesterday in the evening but with appointment with Vivian  :lostit

I arrived for 8 pm, just on time, and the kind thekefrau was happy to see me again  :cheer:
Then in the room, Vivian was also very happy to see me as well, we had shower together and back in the room, it was a festival, this girl is a real pearl   :kissass , passionate and long French kisses as long as you want like a girlfriend (same kissing level as Lucy ex GP/PHG/ACA , Mandy at Sharks or even Pia at Samya/PSR), then a long 69, sex was then torrid with lot of kissing, it was total commitment, nice finish then we talked but I was not feeling to go for another round (I took 45 minutes for 100 euros and 2 shots are possible for this price), and after a while, we started to kiss deeply again for the 10 minute left, so far so good  :adult

I really recommend this girl to everybody who is looking for excellent GFE service, because as we used to say in French : Cette fille est une vraie perle ! believe me, you can go with her almost with closed eyes but only one little warning, on website I think her pictures are old ones because she is now more curvy but it is perfect for me, I love very much curvy girls  :kissass

Cat remains a real excellent address  :great:

The experience looks out of the box, I should visit Cat Excl  soon.

on Friday afternoon, i visited Cat Excl

i arrived before noon
for the girls i remembered Fiona, Gina, Veronika, Katarina, Yana and Sarah

i decided to go with Sarah (this is not the same one on previous visit here, ex Luna in LR), i chose 45 minutes for 100 euros
Sarah is tall, not thin, she speaks only a few words in English but enough to communicate

We took shower together and then in the room, she started with deep French kisses, she has big natural boobs, blowjob was great as well, long and deep
Sex was excellent as well, i enjoyed very much in doggy because she got a very nice ass  :-P
in the end i finished in her mouth, do not worry, it was on Friday 30th june  ;D  and she even told me that it is the last day that she does that, she even insisted and told me that the owners of Cat informed all girls that they all have to do blowjob with condom after 1st of July and will respect the law because they do not want that someone talk about blowjob without in Cat, they are afraid of penalties etc

but when i look the prices on web site
prices remain all the same but with blowjob with condom !

so it was probably my last visit in Cat Excl , what a pity because it was such an excellent address with girls who provided excellent services
but i will certainly not pay 80 euros for half an hour or 100 euros for 45 minutes, same prices as before but with the blowjob with condom ! i think i could find the same service in FKK for 50 euros for half an hour  8)

Hope for them that they will find another kind of customer for their offer ....

This club is really an excellent club, service is really good, at least with the girls I have been with

I have done a couple visit here before going to Samya everytime, so it was mainly visits at beginning of the afternoon

so I have been with Ivona :
She is from Poland, friendly girl, her service is really good, plenty of good French kisses, good blowjob and good sex

on another day, I tried Vivian :
her service is simply outstanding, this girl is incredible, deep French kisses without end, excellent blowjob, excellent behavior, friendly girl, beautiful body and face, great sex

and last Friday, I tried Gina :
her service is also very good but physically she is less beautiful, a little bit chubby and little acne scars
but good French kisses, good blowjob and sex is correct

I like very much this club, I have also seen Katalina from Hungary on my last visit but did not choose her, but optically she is really sexy and gorgeous  :-P

Second visit here yesterday  :))

Last time I visited on Saturday evening, only 3 girls, see below
but yesterday I arrived at 1 pm, I did not know what to expect because the club opens at 12 o'clock and close at midnight, I was wondering which girls could be there at 1 pm on Saturday  O0

For information, it is better to park your car at Lidl, close to the road where the club is located

The theke opened to me the door and we headed towards the room on the same level, nice room with jacuzi and shower, I guess that I was the first client of the day

then the girls arrived successively and introduced themselves, good news, around 7 or 8 girls were there  :-P , bad news Lucie I met in Teenyland is now in this club,,22285.0.html, her name here is Jenny, she lost her smile when she saw me, me too  8)

For the other ones, I remember those names only, Hannah, Alexandra, Vicky and for the very good news, I was surprised to see Sara ex Luna in LR last year ! I had never been with her in LR, so I chose her, lovely thin german girl, dunkelblonde almost redhair, I chose 45 minutes for 100 euros, 2 rounds possible for this price

First we took shower together, she does not speak any English, my german was enough to communicate with her, she was very friendly and remembered me from LR  :)) , she let me kiss her little tits, very beautiful then she provided very good French kisses, then good blowjob, after 5 minutes, she wanted to do 69, her pussy was beautiful, then again deep French kisses  :-P
and then it was time for the sex part, on top she provided again a lot of good French kisses, it was so nice to touch her tits again and doggy for finish, her ass is incredibly very exciting, this girl is physically gorgeous, how could I have missed her in LR !

then social time, she told me that she had been working in Teenyland after LR and only moved here recently, that could explain perhaps why I did not find her on the web site,
but I suddenly understood that Jenny ex Lucy in TL was her friend, of course ! hope she would not talk about me and my complaints about her when I left TL after the disaster room with her in TL ....

then it was time for a second round, another good round of French kisses and blowjob, but I was not feeling for another sex round already, so I asked her for 5 minutes of blowjob only, cim is 25 euros

In the end, we had shower again together and then it was time to leave, she told me in german that she really hoped to see me again, this girl is fantastic :-P ! and cats-exclusiv is an excellent address ! (then I headed towards Samya and watched the last day for Bundesliga and celebrated the qualification for Europa league for Koln team  :)) it was crazy in the kino, and I had room with Mia when she arrived, it was an excellent day yesterday  :111: )


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